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Glen Echo Park: A Story of Survival
Richard Cook and Deborah Lange

Restoring the Glen Echo Park Carousel
Deborah Lange

A Walking Tour of Glen Echo
Carlotta Anderson

The Mud of the Marsh:
Wachapreague Poems

Raymond E. Vickery, Jr.


The Rough Road to Statecraft:
The Life of Bulgaria's Ivan E. Gueshoff

Elena Statelova
Translated by Matt Brown

Published with New Publishing Partners


I Remember Better When I Paint
Art and Alzheimer's:
Opening Doors, Making Connections

Berna G. Huebner, Editor
Published with New Publishing Partners

Making Room for the New:
Selected Poems

Jennifer Fellows

Three Cities in the Making of a Rabbi:
Vienna, Washington, and Jerusalem

A Memoir by Rabbi Joshua O. Haberman
Published by New Publishing Partners


A Novel
R. J. Goldberg


Farm Poems

Farm Poems:
Tales from the Four Suns

Raymond E. Vickery, Jr.


Nobody Is Listening:
Stories of Inflammatory Breast Cance
Patti Bradfield and Massimo Cristofanilli, MD

Facing the Crises of Life
Rabbi Joshua O. Haberman
Published by New Publishing Partners

My Life and the Overthrow
of the Persian Peacock Throne

Siamak A. Adibi, MD, PhD
Published by New Publishing Partners



R. J. Goldberg



Bethesda Communications Group designs brochures and event programs. Pictured above is a 17" x 22" fanfold Walking Tour created for the Glen Echo Park Partnership for Arts and Culture and the National Park Service. Click the image to see the full brochure. It is available for free from Glen Echo Park, Maryland. For information about our design services, contact us.

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Glen Echo Park
1921 Dentzel Carousel: 3 Videos

BCG Filmmakers

P.O. Box 1142
A Veterans' Reunion and
World War II Symposium

October 5 & 6, 2007
BCG Filmmakers

Art Deco at the Park
Talk and slide show by
Architectural Historian Katie Schank
April 10, 2011
BCG Filmmakers


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