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A Novel by R. J. Goldberg

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R.J. Goldberg brings us the riveting story of Jake Schwartz who, in his prime, was the biggest demolition contractor in Chicago. Set in the streets of the city and in the places where the movers and shakers gather, the story follows Jake's pursuit of the brass ring.

Jake is born in 1900 amidst the struggles of the early eastern European immigrants and lives the entire 20th century. Spurning his father's reverence for study, he drops out of school at age 16 to do it his way in the business world. It's a rough road with the economic Depression, the wars, and the other great changes of his time, but Jake pursues his ambitions relentlessly. As the years pass and he becomes more reckless, his personal life will be as badly battered as the buildings he has wrecked.

At the heart of it all is the role of change, and Jake's own inability to achieve it in a world that never stops changing.

Praise for Jake
"JAKE is terrific, a gritty absorbing tale...."
Scott Turow

About the Author
Robert J. Goldberg is well schooled in the ways of Chicago's legal and business community. After receiving his B.A. cum laude from Cornell University, he earned a J.D. from the University of Chicago Law School, served an appellate court clerkship, and then entered the private practice of law where, as a young lawyer, he was exposed to the city hall types depicted in JAKE. In the ensuing years, he became a founder of the Goldberg Kohn law firm, and thereafter a founder, as well, of Bridge Investments, a private equity firm where he is currently active as a principal.

His first novel, Agent Only, was published in 2005.

Book details:
© 2013
ISBN: 978-09761364-6-0
Paperback: 218 pages
6 x 9 inches
Price: $12.00

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