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Overcoming Inflammatory Breast Cancer
Paul H. Levine, MD and Deborah D. Lange

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This book highlights the progress that has been made in the past few years in diagnosing and treating IBC. It also includes stories from patients describing how they navigated the medical system, found the right doctors, adjusted to treatment protocols, and ultimately, emerged with renewed energy and purpose. For women who have IBC or who might one day be diagnosed with IBC and for the primary care doctors and specialists who might encounter patients with IBC, this book is for you.

About the Authors
Paul H. Levine, MD is a cancer epidemiologist who began working on IBC in the 1970s while at National Institutes of Health. He was invited to work on IBC in Tunisia's cancer institute where approximately 50 percent of breast cancer patients had IBC. Over the next ten years he helped develop a multidisciplinary team of U.S. and Tunisian laboratory investigators, epidemiologists, clinicians and others which, led to a number of reports on IBC in a high incidence country and gave him considerable experience seeing many IBC patients and how they are diagnosed. It also provided a background for Dr. Levine to establish an IBC Registry at George Washington University after he retired from NIH. The Registry was started with a research grant and was subsequently supported by the Department of Defense's Breast Cancer Program. The Registry has involved more than 180 patients and has fueled laboratory as well as epidemiological research on IBC. Dr. Levine has more than 300 publications on oncogenic viruses and illnesses, including leukemia, lymphoma, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Deborah D. Lange is the president of Bethesda Communications Group, a publishing company, and is a teacher, writer, editor, and graphics designer living in Bethesda, MD. She has written on education and language change in national newspapers and journals, including her studies on why teenagers have led the change in the way we use word like. Her seminal research on this topic was published in American Speech. She holds degrees in English and linguistics.
    She is the author of Restoring the Glen Echo Park Carousel and is a co-author with Richard Cook of Glen Echo Park: A Story of Survival. Bethesda Communications Group has previously published Nobody's Listening: Stories of inflammatory Breast Cancer, to which this book is a sequel.

Book details:
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ISBN: 978-1-7357729-0-5
Paperback: 161 pages
6 x 9 inches
Price: $15.00

Overcoming Inflammatory Breast Cancer

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