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P.O. Box 1142
A Veterans' Reunion and
World War II Symposium

October 5 & 6, 2007
BCG Filmmakers

P.O. Box 1142 was the name of a top-secret military installation at Fort Hunt on the George Washngton Memorial Parkway.

It was established on May 15, 1942, when the Secretary of War obtained a permit from the Department of the Interior to give the military virtually unlimited use of Fort Hunt for the duration of the war and the adjustment period that followed. Two Military Intelligence Service (MIS) programs operated there. The MIS-X program communicated with American soldiers held captive by the Axis forces and tried to coordinate their escape. The MIS-Y program carried out interrogations of nearly 4,000 prisoners of war and enemy scientists and resulted in the discovery of many of Germany's secret programs. The MIS not only contributed to the Allied victory during WWII, but led to advances in military intelligence and scientific technology that gave America an edge during the Cold War and the Space Race.

In this symposium, veterans of P.O. Box 1142 tell their stories and reveal the techniques they used to persuade former enemies to impart valuable information. After the war, many of the prisoners opted to stay in the United States and become American citizens.

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