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Once Upon a Time...In Egypt

Once Upon a Time...In Egypt
Samir M Zoghby

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This book of drawings represents childhood memories that have not left me after more than 86 years. The stories are a combination of descriptions of the drawings, historical events linked to them, and personal memories. It is also a history of my Egypt that is obviously not today’s Egypt, which I barely recognize. However, the noktah, or joke (often political), has remained a link between the various Egypts throughout history. Such a noktah is vibrant, alive, and insolent despite the political storms. I have also included sayings and vignettes culled from the distant past. ---smz

About the Author
Born in Egypt, Samir M Zoghby left his native city Ismaïlia in 1957 to continue his education in the United States. He became an American citizen and worked for the Federal Government for more than thirty years. He now lives  in Iva, South Carolina.

A self-taught artist, Zoghby works with felt pens and acrylics. He has had eleven solo shows and has designed two commemorative postage stamps, one for the UNICEF program in Chad and the other for the UN World Food Program in Upper Volta (now called Burkina Faso).

His work, in a naïf style, is inspired by his Lebanese and Czech roots, his happy youth in Egypt, his long and rich adventure in Sub-Saharan Africa, and more than half a century in America.

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ISBN:  978-17321501-3-3
Paperback: 126 pages
6 x 9 inches
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Once Upon a Time...In Egypt
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