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Thirty Centuries

Thirty Centuries of Solitude
and Then?
Fernand W. Dahan

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The story is of a pharaoh whose son was changed into a frog by a sorcerer. This sorcerer told the frog that he could become human again once every one hundred years if he would be kissed by an Egyptian princess.

The frog wandered in Egypt for a long time, witnessing events and remembering them, and eventually came to the US. There he found a child who was the daughter of a medical doctor of Egyptian descent. The frog told her that one of her ancestors was a pharaoh and that therefore she was an Egyptian princess. He persuaded the child to kiss him.

As soon as she did, the frog changed into an Egyptian prince. He was dressed as the son of a pharaoh, and he proceeded to tell her his story. He told her of his life in the palace of his father and described all the important buildings and monuments of the pharaonic period. He described events that happened in the kingdom, as he had witnessed those events first as a prince and then as a frog.

Many of the beliefs presented in the story are the products of the author’s imagination, such as mermaids, nilemaids, underwater kingdoms, and talks with animals. A belief in sorcery, however, has always existed. The novel is ultimately a moral story. It emphasizes that criminals are caught and that they pay for their crimes.

About the Author
Fernand W. Dahan is an 85-year-old retired architect. He is an expert in the design of many types of laboratories. He had a bachelor’s degree of architecture and master’s degrees in city and regional planning, is a fellow of the American Institute of Architects, and was awarded many awards for his work in his field. He speaks English, French, Arabic and Spanish.

He was the author of “Laboratories: A Guide to Planning, Programming, and Design,” published by W.W. Norton. He also coauthored “The Public Service Career Program Plan, Planning Guide,” published by the Department of Labor in 1973, and many articles in the field of laboratories that were published in architecture and engineering publications. He was also the author of a theater play.

He has been a guest lecturer at Georgetown University and the American University in Cairo, Egypt, and he has lectured at several AIA national conventions, at a HVAC national convention, and at two international architectural conventions.

For almost 30 years he was involved in programming and designing all type of laboratories for the US Environmental Protection Agency when this newly-founded agency started to have its own laboratories.

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Thirty Centuries of Solitude
and Then?

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